Gloomy Fall Days in Amsterdam

So this blog has primarily been revived (recreated?) in memory of Jasper Beck, who used to run a blog for this office back when the office was a tiny stuffy houseboat lacking any semblance of climate control.

"In memory of Jasper Beck?" Yes, Paul & Jason explain below what we are dealing with:


We in Amsterdam have had the pleasure and privilege to work with someone that epitomizes the best part of work life. That is the sense of a family-structure, with people who express themselves and believe that the whole work experience should be positive and fun. This someone is Jasper Beck. He was one of the first employees here in Amsterdam. Part of the early crew on the boat. He embraced the culture of the company, added his beliefs to it and applied his intellect to making Naked tangible in all the work he did. He understood what family meant as he came from a very strong family background and brought those values to work with him every day. His parents are still together even now in their 80's. We tell you all of this because in a family, even one as widely dispersed as ours its important that we celebrate the people that keep this sense of family alive. They are our social glue and at times aren't rewarded for the things they do that keep us social, smiling and on the right track even when times test us.

Unfortunately, as seems to be the case, a very cruel twist of fate has removed our chance of telling Jasper all of this as, after a very innocuous stomache complaint that materialized just ten days ago, he passed away on Monday morning still shy of 30. The cause of death was a ruptured artery in his groin. A "one in a million" condition.

We will miss Jasper as he was the best of us and a great example of what we can become. His death has cut short a blossoming career and taken from us one of our own. A true example of what we should strive to be.

He leaves behind his family, his partner Bibi and whole host of friends within the Amsterdam community that will all share this loss.

In the short term we would ask you all to raise a glass to Jasper and remember him as he was one of us. And please, feel free to spare a thought for Jasper; and if you feel under the weather, go and see your doctor and don't be a dick thinking you are hard and that it'll go away.


RIP Super Jasper 21.10.78 - 15.09.08

As this blog itself is dedicated to Jasper, we will look to remember a bunch of funny mishaps, jokes, and experiences from current and past Naked folks that they shared with JB and invite you to share some in the comments as well.

"Hello World"

Hi and Hello, We are Naked Communications Amsterdam and we came from a houseboat. Welcome!